Tools / Open Source Software


Eclipse plugins

  1. OSATE-DIM : OSATE-based Declarative-Instance-Mapping Tool for Incremental AADL Model De-Instantiation

Python Packages

  1. 1d-time-features : Package that contains functions that generate various kinds of time-domain features associated with one-dimensional signals.


Git Repositories

  1. OSATE-DIM : Code for OSATE-based Declarative-Instance-Mapping Tool

  2. 1d-time-features : Code for 1d-time-features Python package.

  3. AOFM: Tool repository associated with the work of Application Oriented Formal Methods Group at BITS Pilani, Goa, headed by Dr. Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay. The repository contains equivalence checking tools and automated program repairing tools.

  4. Adaptive_MaMeMi : MATLAB simulation and hardware co-simulation files associated with the publication titled “Low-Power Hardware Accelerator for Detrending Measured Biopotential Data”, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.

  5. : The code for this website, hosted on GitHub Pages. The code has been forked from and then modifed to result in this website.

Compute Capsules

  1. Modified_MaMeMi : The code capsule associated with the publication titled “Modified-MaMeMi Filter bank for Efficient Extraction of Brainwaves from Electroencephalograms”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. It contains the MATLAB simulation files and data used in generating the results for the publication.

Zenodo Repositories

  1. High-Definition_MoMaMeMi : Implemented netlist files, and allied simulation code associated with the publication, “Efficient Accelerator to Extract Brainwaves from High-Defintion Electroencephalograms” (in review).

  2. High-Definition_MaMeMi : Implemented netlist files, and allied simulation code associated with the publication, “Time-Sliced Architecture for Low-Area Accelerator to Detrend High-Definition Electroencephalograms”, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.


Kaggle Datasets

  1. GIS Data for InVEST : Open source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data collected from various official sources. The data is ideal to be used for InVEST modelling. It is really tough to search for these data, so I created this as a one-stop shop for GIS researchers and InVEST modellers. I own no copyrights for this data.

Zenodo Repositories

  1. Neurodiagnostic_Hardware_SLR : Complete bibliography, and acquired data compiled as bib files associated with the publication, “Systematic Literature Review of Hardware-based Neurological Diagnosis Systems” in Biomedical Signal Based Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders, Springer.

Git Repositories

  1. Jkhand_GIS_InVEST : Raster data and shapefiles associated with the State Govt. of Jharkhand sponsored project to map wetlands and recommend strategies for betterment. The files were used as input for InVEST modelling.